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This feels unprecedented. This feels scary. This is unknown territory.

Ever since the cascade of school closures began (including all of our schools in Colorado Springs), I have been wracking my brain about how I can best support teachers across the country. I want to do something, anything to take the burden off of you and enable you to fully support your students while you are away from each other.

**UPDATED: I have now included the PDFs and Digital Access to all of the free resources. Enter your email below, and it will send you the new link. 🙂 

Literacy Resources: I have taken some of my most popular, most wide-reaching resources and compiled pages from them into a FREE At-Home Learning Resource. It includes twenty pages of free, very high-quality and rigorous resources that you or your students can print and complete at home. The following skills are covered in the PDF:

Main Idea
Text Features
Text Structures
Informational Text Comprehension Review
Fiction Comprehension Review
Language Skills
Oral Reading Fluency
Summarizing, Paraphrasing, Quoting
…and more

Math Resources: I have done the same with my math resources. The following skills are included in the math version.

Error Analysis (Elapsed Time, Place Value, and Subtraction)
Graphing & Data
Daily Math Skills
Multi-Part and Multi-Step Math Problems
Operations Review
Perimeter and Area
…and more!

I have also added a folder of all of my free digital access resources for easy access and organization.

While this will never take the place of the experiences you would have provided students during your time with them, I hope it is able to take some of the burdens of planning off of you.



I would also encourage you to download this FREE at-home support printable to give to your parents.

I am also hastily working to convert many of my free resources into digital formats if you are able to assign them via Google Classroom.

Please click HERE to access all of the resources that INCLUDE a digital version, including 6 (and growing) free resources.

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Free Morphology Activities

Are you ready to get started teaching prefixes and suffixes? This FREE word study bundle can help!

free upper elementary notebook ideas for teaching prefixes and suffixes along with Greek or Latin roots

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