Novel Preview Quick Write

We began our new (and maybe last of the year) Novel today.  I am so thrilled to share My Side of the Mountain with my students.  My students were also very excited to read it…we have been keeping a theme with our novels this year–almost all of the books we have read have had something to do with running away.  I didn't do that on purpose, but the kids are having a blast finding all of the common themes in the novels and then comparing and contrasting them.

We did a quick pre-reading activity today.  I was going to use my pre-reading task cards (which are free!), but I had a meeting during our reading block today, so I had them do an independent pre-reading quick look at the book.  I put this sheet together quickly, and the kids really enjoyed it!  You can download it free HERE.

Adorable Borders by Krista Wallden!

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