Holiday Gifts for Students

I finally finished my little holiday gifts for my students!  Occasionally, people will ask why I feel like I should give them something, but the fact of the matter is that these are “my kids!”

I am actually going to be giving these goody bags to my students on Monday.  We can't send home treats with our students this year, and I don't give out much in the way of candy or food treats throughout the year. That means I can do a little something extra around the holidays! Previously, I would give each of my students a book as their holiday gift, but then I started doing my Winter Wonderland Reading Incentive.

For this year's holiday student gift, I wrote a fun little letter and stuffed inexpensive bags with different goodies that go along with my note.  I am most excited about each student receiving a Scento marker!
I have mentioned before that my students notice the colorful markers I use on anchor charts and always try to get a little whiff of their scents (I use Mr. Sketch), so I'm sure they will love to get their own markers.  As for the candy, on Monday, I am going to let the students decide how they will earn a piece of candy each day for the week.  That way I'm not totally sugar loading them all at once!  This group of students is exceptional, and I have had many of them for three years, so I'm looking forward to seeing what ideas they come up with.
UPDATE: After many years of requests for the tag template, I FINALLY recovered it from my old files! Click HERE  to download the student gift tag or create your own. 🙂
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