3 Words End of the Year Activity

I wanted to share a little activity our school does at the end of each year. As a class, we all watch one of Good Morning America's 3 Words Videos (I always screen them and make sure I find an appropriate one for the kids to watch) before doing our own end of the year activity. If you need a great video, here is a funny one that always makes the kids smile... and it's funny because it's about the BEGINNING of the school year.

3 words end of the year activity

After we watch a few examples, students come up with their own three words about their school year. Sometimes, I get really incredible 3 words, and then there are always a few “Best Year Ever!” and “Best Teacher Ever!” thrown in there.  We get creative in how we display them, then we take pictures of them all.  On the last day of school, our entire school gets together and watches all of the three words everyone came up with. The kids LOVE it!

Here was our whole class 3 Words one year.  I had to crop the kids out, but it's a picture of our whole class, and it reads “Classmates become friends!”  They came up with it, and it melted my heart.

3 words end of the year activity

Here's a sampling of our three words from last year's third grade class!

3 words end of the year activity

More End of the Year Activity Ideas

You can find a new blog post here that includes my FREE end of the year lesson plans.

I created this End of the Year Party Planner to review all of the math skills we had worked on but also to let their creative juices flow.  I always love seeing the games they come up with, how they lay out their field for the party, and more. 

These awards are my VERY favorite end of the year activity. As a result of having SO many different personalities over the years, my End of the Year Awards have grown into a HUGE bundle of more than 80 editable awards!  I truly can't wait to hand these out.

We also use these end of the year memory task cards to create a memory project for the school year.

These end of the year fluency task cards are also perfect for May!

Finally, you can also check out my End of the Year Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

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