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  1. What a great idea! Can't wait to implement this with my 3rd graders next year for their math interactive notebooks!
    The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher

  2. What a great idea! I am planning on learning about interactive notebooks this summer so I can implement them in math and science next year and I will absolutely be using this strategy! Thanks for sharing!

    Life As I Know It

  3. Yay, Yay, Yay! This is one of my biggest issues with INB! Hallellujah for easy answers and fun too! I am very thankful to both of you for sharing this!

  4. Mary, thank you for giving me this opportunity to share. This trick truly is a lifesaver. Thanks to your followers for their kind words, hope you find it useful and make it your own. 🙂

    So sorry to you and your followers for the numerous spelling errors. I was using my iPhone with one hand when replying to the email as I just got back from vacation and vowed I wouldn't open laptop for another day! Didn't say anything about cell! 🙂 There are several typos, and I know dramatized is so wrong! I was thinking dramatic for my perfectionist and yes, of course traumatize for my lil. guy. Guess I just put the 2 words together! Thanks for catching it – maybe I need another vacation.

    Love Teaching with a Mountain View blog!
    Use, adapt, delete (& disclaimer for any typos LOL)

  5. Thanks for the idea! Do you think it's awkward, having to grab the scissors?
    I have ribbon glued to inside back cover as bookmark, so students can place at last page when using notebook.
    When I want to check particular pages, I have students place sticky note so it sticks out at page/s I want to see. When checked, it move sticky to inside back cover for next time.

    1. Ribbon is much prettier and I saw a post on it last summer but decided to continue to use "cutting corners" method as I began hearing how the ribbon sometimes got pulled off or not in proper place. I can see that happening with several of my students. But I do love color and had it all planned out plus bought ribbon of different colors figuring if I did try I would have 4-5 students per color so I could easily see whose spiral was missing.

      However, like I stated, I did stick with the method I knew the best.

      As for the scissors, I have a pair near the computer so I can easily enter grades/scores in gradebook and a pair at the Reading Table when I conference with students. Scissors are easily accessible. I usually flip to the correct page, assess work, record grade/score bottom of last page, then cut the corners of the 1-3 pages assessed. It works for me!

      Love your ribbon plus post it idea – maybe I can try it on the ELA INB I'm going to start doing this year. A colorful ribbon as a book mark just reminds me of curling up to a great book! Thnx and enjoy your summer! 🙂

  6. This is a great tip I will share with the upper grades at my school. I teach K and I tried the ribbon, but they just had a hard time with it. I use small binder clips. I move the clip one or two times a week. They put their finger on the clip and open to that page. We then turn one page if I have not moved the clips. I model using the notebook with the clip and we discuss who moves the clip.

  7. Genius! Thanks for sharing a great idea. When kids skip a page, they sometimes get stuck with wanting to fix everything. Cutting the corner would eliminate that issue.

  8. I have always just had my kids number the pages of the notebook. Doing this allows me to simply tell them what page or pages we will be working on. It's always been fairly straightforward and simple that way.

    1. Good Point. On their INBs, I do have them number but for SS/Sci I also collect and score their work. Flipping through all those pages to locate the page to score gets difficult. So for me having the corners cut allows 1 easy flip.

  9. I also have them cut corners in their agenda. I don't like them folding the pages in to make opposing triangles, as the book gets really thick and difficult to write in.

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