A New Task Card Organization Solution

Happy summer, teachers!  Summer time means organizing, planning, and prepping for the new year! I love that I can work at my own pace and still feel nice and refreshed for the new year.

Recently, I received a message from a teacher named Tara, who had found the most wonderful task card storage solution.  It reminded me that I've had two of these containers hanging out in my basement for almost a year, just BEGGING to be used!  I originally found some at The Container Store and later found these at Michaels.  I have a number of different places that I store my task cards (HERE is a post about how I store all of my fraction Task Cards, and HERE is a post about how I store all of my early finisher task cards.)  I loved the look of these containers so much that I ran right out and got these organizers that Tara mentioned because they are brilliant, and it's as if they were MADE for task cards!

These organizer tubs have 16 individual containers inside of them.  Each container holds about 100 task cards, so I can fit a few sets in each one.  I decided to go ahead and use these containers to organize the task cards that I most often used in centers.  I love the idea of being able to pull out the container with the cards and put it in the center.  The task cards would stay nice and contained, and they would be easy to find and keep neat when kids were using them.

I've also been working on getting all of my fluency task cards, monthly reading skills task cards, and critical thinking task cards organized. I can't wait to slide these babies into my cupboard and know that they are so, so organized!

Fluency Task Cards
*Updated 7/17*
I have loved this organization system so much that I wanted to find a great way to organize my smaller sets of cards.  I found these six container versions HERE and just absolutely love them, too.  They are easy to store in smaller spaces, and easy to leave out on your counter (all while looking pretty!).

Inference Task CardsContext Clues Task Cards
Multiplication Task Cards
Addition & Subtraction Word Problem Task Cards

While I was shopping for this, I knew in the back of my mind that I really needed something for my half page task cards, especially because I am using them a lot more now.  I came across this card storage container by the same company, and it's perfection!  It is small enough to not take up a ton of room, but it fits a TON of half-page task cards.  It even has built in dividers to make it super easy to keep them organized.  Love!

You can download my labels for FREE!  The cute elements are from I Teach, What's your SuperPower?HERE is a link to a PDF of the labels with the text I created.
HERE is a link to an editable, blank file.  I used the fonts CCSweetEmma from Cara Carol and Why You gotta Be So Mean from KG Fonts.  I alternated the font colors! Just insert a text box and click “duplicate pages” to add as many as you want.
If you are looking for the tubs, you can buy them on Amazon by clicking the link below.  You get TWO of them for that price, which is about the same as getting one 50% off at Michaels.  You can also get them at Michaels, but make sure you wait until they are 50% off or you have a coupon! 🙂

IRIS Photo and Craft Storage Organizer, Set of 2
IRIS Greeting Card Storage Box

Photo Keeper Box (With Six Inserts)
If you are looking for more task cards to add to your collection, be sure to stop by my store!  All of my task cards are classroom-tested and were made FOR my classroom.  Enjoy!
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