2022 Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaways!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Each day this week, you have a chance to win some of the things teachers love most. Books, gift cards, school supplies, manipulatives, digital and printables resources… allll the goodies! You can find out more about each day's giveaways here on the blog, on my Facebook Page, Facebook Group, or Instagram. If you want to know exactly where to enter each day, you can drop your email address below for a quick reminder each morning. Then scroll down to enter to win today's BOOKS!

Today's Giveaway!

I'm pretty sure it's a teacher rule that you have to be a book collector. I'm giving away SIX books to three lucky teachers. As an extra bonus, one of the winners will also receive 6 copies of my own book, Titanic Q&A.

Here's a closer look at each title (Amazon affiliate links).

How to Enter

Entering is easy. Fill out this form to enter any time TODAY ONLY. I will select a winner tomorrow morning. By entering, you agree to receive occasional emails from me, but please know you can unsubscribe ANY time.

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