Task Card Corner

**Check out my NEW blog totally dedicated to task cards!* I have been working on my Task Card Corner, and I'm so excited to finally share it with “the world.” …

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Upper elementary anchor charts, reference books, practice activities, projects, and task cards for teaching context clues.

Teaching Context Clues

I think that, right along with teaching inference, teaching context clues is one of the most crucially important skills that we teach as educators.  It is also one of the …

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Help upper elementary students learn to identify nonfiction main ideas using authentic texts.

Nonfiction Main Idea

Are you looking for a new an exciting way to have your students work on identifying main idea in nonfiction texts?  This is a super low-prep activity that I've had …

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Multiplying Decimals Freebie Find!

I had a sub (we actually call them guest teachers now!) yesterday morning while I was busy collaborating with some other teachers in the district for a Daily 5 training …

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Teaching Syllable Segmentation

In my 3rd and 4th grade decoding and encoding intervention groups, we have been working on syllable segmentation. I had a major internal conflict on whether or not to teach …

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Multiplying Decimals

Now that we have finished up multiplication, and my students have a solid foundation of multi-digit multiplication, we have moved on to multiplying decimals (I had originally planned to go …

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