Christmas Time Is Here!

It always seems like the months before Christmas are such a whirlwind.  Add in the fact that my twins turned 2 on Thanksgiving day, and I have no idea where …

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Scientific Notation Anchor Chart

Just popping in to share my scientific notation anchor chart!  We only spent about a day and a half on this concept, and I feel like pre-teaching about powers of …

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This and That!

This post is going to be all over the place!  There is a little bit of 6th grade math, a little bit of advanced 3rd grade math, and a limited …

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Dividing Decimals Anchor Charts

Just a quick post to share my dividing decimals anchor charts.  I searched and searched for one already out there (I didn't want to recreate the wheel last night!), but …

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Adding and Subtracting Decimals Activities & Freebies!

I've mentioned before that I have the same group of students this year that I had last year, so I am having to recreate the wheel quite a bit this …

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Setting the Stage for Novels

Since I've had the same groups of kids two years in a row, I'm trying to find new and interesting ways to introduce novels and prepare the students for reading. …

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Free Morphology Activities

Are you ready to get started teaching prefixes and suffixes? This FREE word study bundle can help!

free upper elementary notebook ideas for teaching prefixes and suffixes along with Greek or Latin roots

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