Multiplying Fractions

We finished up adding and subtracting fractions right before the break, and now we are hitting multiplying and dividing fractions.  We began with multiplying fractions, and we did a mega-anchor …

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Learning Never Takes a Break!

When I ask kids what they did over spring break, I so often hear “nothing.” Horse Hockey!  Even if you didn't go on an extravagant vacation, you most certainly DID …

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Novel Preview Quick Write

We began our new (and maybe last of the year) Novel today.  I am so thrilled to share My Side of the Mountain with my students.  My students were also …

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First of all–thank you all SO much for your support of Task Card Corner!  I am so excited about my new endeavor there, and I am already positively giddy over …

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Task Card Test Prep & Announcement!

Hi there!  First thing is first: IT'S SPRING BREAK over at Casa de Mountain View!  I had big plans for pumping out some TpT goodies, and I have two massive …

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Tell Me a Story Tuesday: Figurative Language

We're back!  This week's Tell Me a Story Tuesday was a quick one, and went along with our current focus: Figurative Language!  We have been focusing on finding figurative language …

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