Teaching Place Value

A few weeks ago, I asked my Facebook followers about the very first thing they taught in math at the beginning of the school year.  All but one or two …

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Advanced Reading Intervention Plans

Last year, I spent a lot of my time with “advanced” readers.  These are readers who can read lickity split and don't need any more instruction on reading fluency.  These …

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First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Every time I mentioned Back to School on my Facebook page at least one person mentions that it can't possibly be time yet!  I know, I know!  It's much too …

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Smooth Sailing Back to School Tips: Preparing for the New School Year

It is around this time every year that my classroom to-do list starts looking a little lot overwhelming.  I tried separating my lists into different categories like “Classroom Set Up” …

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Building Rapport on Meet Your Teacher Night

I can't believe it's almost time to start thinking about going back to school!  That also means it's time to start designing your classroom, planning your curriculum, and getting ready …

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Back to School Math Freebie for my Fans!

I know it may feel a little premature to start talking Back to School, but some districts in my area go back toward the end of July.  That's less than …

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Free Morphology Activities

Are you ready to get started teaching prefixes and suffixes? This FREE word study bundle can help!

free upper elementary notebook ideas for teaching prefixes and suffixes along with Greek or Latin roots

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