Multiplying Decimals Freebie Find!

I had a sub (we actually call them guest teachers now!) yesterday morning while I was busy collaborating with some other teachers in the district for a Daily 5 training …

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Teaching Syllable Segmentation

In my 3rd and 4th grade decoding and encoding intervention groups, we have been working on syllable segmentation. I had a major internal conflict on whether or not to teach …

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Multiplying Decimals

Now that we have finished up multiplication, and my students have a solid foundation of multi-digit multiplication, we have moved on to multiplying decimals (I had originally planned to go …

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Open Ended Comprehension Cards

I have always desired to push my students in their thinking about texts.  While we do focus on comprehension questions, both literal and inferential, I love to have students do …

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GROUPS Acronym

The first year I began teaching, one of my teammates shared with me this fantastic acronym for GROUPS.  I thought I would post it and share it with you all. …

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Mastering Multiplication Activities

The past few weeks, we have been hitting multiplication activities hard!  Our school is focusing a lot on mathematical computational fluency, so it is a main focus area for us …

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