Winter Wonderland Reading Incentive!

It's that time of year… lots of teacher are winding down and getting ready for the long awaited winter break.  Unfortunately, so are the kids.  My first year teaching, I …

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Patterns & Coordinate Graphing

We are finishing up our patterns and coordinate graphing unit!  My kids had so much fun with this one, especially coming up with their own patterns.  They love to really …

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Theme & Evidence Anchor Charts

I am working on a blog post that should publish tomorrow about coordinate graphing and patterning, but I thought I would share two of my recent anchor charts that don't …

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Task Card Corner

**Check out my NEW blog totally dedicated to task cards!* I have been working on my Task Card Corner, and I'm so excited to finally share it with “the world.” …

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Context Clues

I think that, right along with teaching inference, teaching context clues is one of the most crucially important skills that we teach as educators.  It is also one of the …

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Nonfiction Main Idea

Are you looking for a new an exciting way to have your students work on identifying main idea in nonfiction texts?  This is a super low-prep activity that I've had …

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