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  • Adding and Subtracting Decimals Math Project


    Your students are going to love shopping at The Math Market as they practicing adding, subtracting, and rounding decimals! This 14-page packet includes many engaging and authentic activities as well as and an authentic assessment that reinforce real-world concepts of rounding, adding, subtracting, and estimating sums and differences of decimals and whole numbers. This is…

  • Addition and Subtraction Math Project | Operations | Real-World Zoo Application


    Engage your students with 9 pages of no-prep addition and subtraction math activities! Your students will have a blast with this zoo-themed math project, reviewing multi-digit addition and subtraction. This project is perfect for review and enrichment! It involves students in real-world application of addition and subtraction concepts and requires students to think critically about…

  • Christmas Math Project: Christmas Math Activities


    Your students will adore To Grandmother’s House We Go: A Holiday Math Project for the Upper Grades! What better way to get into the spirit of Christmas than a “visit” to Grandmother’s house? Your students will love walking through a trip to Grandmother’s by way of math problems! This Christmas Math Project includes SIXTEEN different pages filled…

  • Coordinate Graphing Math Project | Real-World Drone Activities


    Your students will LOVE this incredibly engaging Coordinate Grid Coordinate Graphing Drone Delivery Math Project! While students practice a multitude of coordinate grid skills, they will imagine themselves as pilots in charge of drones that deliver packages for the fictional company Amazion! What’s included in this Coordinate Grid Math Project? Drone Driver Licenses to ENGAGE…

  • Decimal Place Value Math Project


    Math projects make math engaging! Your students will absolutely LOVE this 8-page decimal place value skills review that’s all about the biggest sporting championship of the year! The championship has just wrapped up, and your students have stepped into the role of Scoring Official for the games. The scores are being tallied, the competitors are…

  • Division Math Project | Differentiated Real-World Long Division Practice


    Long division requires copious practice to master, and the best kind of practice is real-world and authentic — that’s why I created this long division math project! Engage your students with this division project designed to help them practice long division (no matter what method you teach). Extend and enrich division skills with real-world practice…

  • Earth Day Math and Literacy Projects


    Inspire your students this spring with Earth Day math and literacy projects that engage students in a study of the many things that affect our planet. This is a bundle of two earth-themed projects: Earth Day Reading Project Earth Day Math Project Both projects have been designed for use with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades…

  • Earth Day Math Project


    Celebrate Earth Day with this engaging upper elementary math project that covers a wide variety of skills. This printable and digital reading project is fun, rigorous, and ready to teach with NO prep! Tell me about this Earth Day Math project! Students will explore math projects relating to taking care of the earth as they…

  • Elapsed Time Math Project | Real-World Time Project and Activities


    Engage your students with this 9 page, real-world Elapsed Time practice. Your students will love playing elapsed time detective and solving crimes while working on elapsed time skills!   Students will practice elapsed time skills in a variety of ways. You can use a few of the pages or all of them depending on how…

  • End of the Year Activities Bundle


    Do you want to keep your academics rigorous but FUN during the last few weeks of school? This is the perfect bundle of end of the year activities for upper elementary. Take the stress out of the end of the year with these print and go resources. Which resources are included in this End of…

  • End of the Year Math Project


    Is there a better way to end the year than by planning a party? This end of the year math project for upper elementary is the perfect differentiated project to wrap up your year! Your students will love reviewing their year in math by putting together their very own shindig, from the ground up. End…

  • Equivalent Fractions Math Project


    Get ready to make equivalent fractions EXTREMELY ENGAGING with this real-world math activity: A Recipe for Disaster!  In this high-interest project, students will dive into 5 REAL recipes with a twist… they must use equivalent fractions to fix the recipes and decipher the instructions. I created this activity because my students needed authentic practice with equivalent fractions…

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