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Earth Day Math Project

# of Pages: 7

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Celebrate Earth Day with this engaging upper elementary math project that covers a wide variety of skills. This printable and digital reading project is fun, rigorous, and ready to teach with NO prep!

Tell me about this Earth Day Math project!

Students will explore math projects relating to taking care of the earth as they collect stamps to put on their topics relating to Earth Day as they collect stamps to place on a printable passport.

Which math skills does this project cover?

  • Place Value, Comparing Whole Numbers, Rounding
  • Factors/Arrays
  • Fractions & Measurement Conversions
  • Coordinate Graphing
  • Decimal Operations
  • Measurement Conversions, Adding & Multiplying Decimals, Rounding
  • Interpreting Data – Picture Graph & Line Plot

Do you need a METRIC version? I’ve got you covered! This project now includes a printable and digital METRIC version with your download!

Teacher notes: Your students will use a wide variety of skills in this resource. The pages stand alone so that you can pick and choose to meet the varying needs of your students. If you choose to use the project in its entirety, you can give each student a passport to color as they finish each page/task.

Which earth-related topics does this math project touch on?

Through a variety of engaging situational math projects, students will explore:

  • Wind energy
  • Planting trees
  • Litter and trash
  • Upcycled materials
  • Composting
  • Pollution

Although this project is perfect for Earth Day, the content can also be used year-round!

What’s included in this math project?

  • Printable Earth Day Math Project – (7 pages)
  • Printable stamps and passports for students to collect as they complete a page
  • Answer Key
  • Digital Version in Google Slides

Engage your class with this fun math project that makes learning about Earth Day SO much fun.


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Earth Day Math Project