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Coordinate Graphing Math Project | Real-World Drone Activities

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Your students will LOVE this incredibly engaging Coordinate Grid Coordinate Graphing Drone Delivery Math Project! While students practice a multitude of coordinate grid skills, they will imagine themselves as pilots in charge of drones that deliver packages for the fictional company Amazion!

What’s included in this Coordinate Grid Math Project?

  • Drone Driver Licenses to ENGAGE your students!
  • Cover Page for Student Work
  • One page informational text article on the history of drones and the real Amazon delivery service, Prime Air.
  • Six pages of coordinate grid practice
  • One page of suggested extension and enrichment activities
  • Answer key for select pages
  • digital, Google Slides, version with interactive and movable elements. Perfect for virtual learning and paperless practice!

I have covered as many coordinate graphing skills as I could in this project! Students will identify locations, plot locations, follow directions, write directions, measure distances and use map scales and more. They are sure to be coordinate grid masters by the time they complete the project.

Don’t have time to complete the entire project? No problem! The only required page is the first one and the rest can be completed in any order.

Why Math Projects?

I began creating this style of math project in 2011 when I was teaching my students the tricky skill of multi-digit multiplication. I knew there had to be a better, more authentic way to engage them in the necessary but oftentimes monotonous repetition of important skills. I began creating these content-heavy but highly engaging and themed math projects in hopes that with just a little bit of creativity and fun, my students would not only get copious amounts of practice but also see real-world relevance that would bring deeper meaning to these skills! Since then, I have created many, many math projects, added fun props along the way, and seen my students’ faces light up every time I start class with the words, “We have a new project today!”

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Coordinate Graphing Math Project | Real-World Drone Activities