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Equivalent Fractions Math Project

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Get ready to make equivalent fractions EXTREMELY ENGAGING with this real-world math activity: A Recipe for Disaster!  In this high-interest project, students will dive into 5 REAL recipes with a twist… they must use equivalent fractions to fix the recipes and decipher the instructions.

I created this activity because my students needed authentic practice with equivalent fractions that encouraged them to think critically about the tasks. The task is seemingly simple: rewrite recipes with irregular measures using only a few key measuring cups. My students ADORED this activity, and I hope yours do, too!

This math project explores fractions equivalent to ¼, ⅓, ½, and 1 whole. Students will need to use division to find equivalent fractions.

Easy Prep & Set Up Instructions:
Step 1: Print a set of student pages (5) for each student.
Step 2: Print a set of recipe cards for each center. Optional: Glue envelope covers on an envelope and place the recipe cards inside.
Step 3: Use Fresh Fruit Salad as a teaching page. I brought in real measuring cups, and we had an amazing discussion about equivalent fractions. I made sure they understood the concept of converting the measurements using only the given measures.
Step 4: Students get busy fixing the recipes!

What’s included in this math project:

  • 5 printable pages of engaging equivalent fractions practice
  • 5 real recipes  (Try making them in class!)
  • Full-page labels to set up recipe stations/envelopes
  • Answer Key
  • A DIGITAL version in Google Slides
  • Extension Ideas

Try using this project in a mini room transformation… the recipes are real so you can create them with your class!

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Equivalent Fractions Math Project