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Decimal Place Value Math Project

# of Pages: 10

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Math projects make math engaging! Your students will absolutely LOVE this 8-page decimal place value skills review that’s all about the biggest sporting championship of the year!

The championship has just wrapped up, and your students have stepped into the role of Scoring Official for the games. The scores are being tallied, the competitors are awaiting the results, the medals are being shined…but just as they get ready to announce the winners, students discover a plot twist!

Someone has been fiddling with the results, some results are missing, and everything has simply gone awry. Students use their decimal place value skills to solve the mysteries and fix the scores so the correct winners stand atop the podiums and collect their winnings.

This decimal place value math project includes:

  • 8 pages of Printable Decimal Place Value Practice
  • Interactive, Digital GOOGLE SLIDES Version of Project (11 Pages)
  • Answer Keys

This math project covers decimals to the thousandths. It extensively reviews decimal standard form, decimal word form, decimal expanded form, rounding decimals, and comparing and ordering decimals in a wide variety of formats.

This is not your average decimals practice! These resources require your students to think critically about and apply their decimal place value skills in order to correctly solve each problem.

How To Use This Resource: Math projects are perfect for enrichment, review, or reteaching. They can be used in small groups, whole class, as a take-home project, or during distance learning. I LOVE using math projects for mini room-transformations, too!


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Decimal Place Value Math Project