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September Back to School Reading Skills and Enrichment Task Cards

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Engaging and rigorous reading for upper elementary! This set of 56 reading skills task cards is DIGITAL and printable and ready for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. These September (Back to School) themed cards cover a variety of reading and literacy skills and enrichment activities and require absolutely no prep.

Each card has a September or Back to School theme and address important events in US history, doubling the educational value.

What’s included in the September Back to School Reading Skills Task Cards?

  • 4 Main Idea Cards
  • 4 Context Clues Cards
  • 4 Sequencing Cards
  • 4 Inference Cards
  • 4 Compare & Contrast Cards
  • 4 Cause & Effect Cards
  • 4 Fact & Opinion Cards
  • 4 Story Elements Cards
  • 4 Literal Comprehension Cards
  • 2 Point of View Cards
  • 2 Author’s Purpose Cards
  • 16 Enrichment Task Cards
  • digital, GOOGLE slides version of 50+ of the September Reading Skills Task Cards with interactive and movable elements!

These reading skills task cards are both digital and printable! A DIGITAL, Google Slides version is included and is perfect for distance or at-home learning. (Note: some drawing-based enrichment task cards have not been made digital.)

How can I use these Reading Skills Task Cards in my classroom?

  • In reading centers
  • As a warm up activity for the whole class
  • As test prep
  • As an enrichment activity
  • For early finishers
  • To extend learning
  • Homework
  • Differentiated literacy practice
  • In a game of SCOOT
  • See even more task card ideas at TaskCards.com (A Teaching With a Mountain View website)

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September Back to School Reading Skills and Enrichment Task Cards