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Halloween Reading Activity




Are you looking for the MOST ENGAGING Halloween reading activity? Turn your students into detectives tasked with solving a Halloween mystery with these inferencing centers that are rigorous and fun!

In this set of Halloween inference centers students will become investigators tasked with discovering who is dressed in 6 Halloween costumes, and where each student lives!

What is this set of Halloween inference centers all about?

The trick-or-treaters in the town of Spooksville did such an amazing job of dressing up for Halloween that some of their identities still remain a mystery!

Students will use inferencing skills to read between the lines of each of the suspect clues and figure out…

  • What did each person dress up as?
  • Which house belongs to which person?

How do I set up these inference centers in my classroom?

There isn’t too much to prepare when setting up these centers, I promise! If you’re planning to use them year after year (and you’ll want to, I just know it!) many pieces can be printed and laminated for reuse.

You will prepare 6 reusable stations (1 for each of the students being investigated), each with a set of clues. 

Each student will need a set of printable sheets to record their inferences about each teacher and a printable introduction booklet that ‘sets the scene’ for the whole investigation! 

What is included in this Halloween inference center resource?

  • Detailed teacher instructions
  • 6 printable inference stations where students will ‘investigate’ 6 different students
  • Suggested Answers
  • Printable Introduction Booklet (also available as a full-color version to laminate and reuse)
  • A DIGITAL, Google Slides version of the entire activity! 

I am always on the hunt for engaging resources that help our students practice their inference skills… without them even realizing it! That’s where this center-based activity was born. I just know your students will love this activity as well. 

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