Reading Skills

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  • ADVANCED Reading Skills Task Card Bundle


    An absolute must have digital and printable reading task card bundle for Grades 4+! Rigorous and engaging, this reading skill task cards are perfect for your upper grades classroom. There are over 100 in-depth, half page task cards in this HUGE bundle! Many cards have multiple passages per card, including paired passages.   The following…

  • Analyzing Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts


    16 sets of paired passages (32 informational passages total) to help students analyze firsthand and secondhand accounts of the same event. Each set of paired passages includes a firsthand account as well as a secondhand account. This product also includes two posters describing the difference between the two types of sources, a recording sheet with…

  • Author’s Purpose Task Cards Activities


    A set of 44 Differentiated Author’s Purpose Task Cards for identifying author’s purpose and topics for generating writing using a given author’s purpose. These sets are designed for scaffolding and differentiation. See preview for examples of task cards included here! 16 cards for identifying purpose of different types of writing 16 cards for identifying purpose…

  • Cause and Effect Task Cards


    32 Text & 16 Picture Cause and Effect Task Cards for GENERATING Cause and Effect relationships. Students are given a scenario on each card and required to generate cause and effect relationships for each. There are also 16 picture cards that students use to generate cause and effect relationships. NOW INCLUDES A DIGITAL VERSION via…

  • Character Traits Reading Project | Reading Comprehension Enrichment


    Welcome to ‘Confections at Candy Corner’ the most FUN way to learn about character traits. This character traits reading project is fun, rigorous, and ready for upper elementary classrooms! Tell me about this reading project! Explore the story of Cosette Carle, master candy confectioner, as she welcomes the public into her candy factory. Students will…

  • Compare and Contrast Task Cards


    A set of 32 Differentiated Compare and Contrast Task Cards using PICTURES & TEXT! These digital and printable cards are tiered to help you differentiate your compare and contrast instruction. The first 12 cards use pictures to generate compare and contrast relationships. The next 4 cards require students to identify whether a statement is comparing…

  • Comparing Texts Task Cards


    These digital and printable Comparing Texts on the Same Topic Task Cards includes 16 sets of paired passages (32 informational passages total) to help students compare texts on the same topic or event. Each card includes two passages with an overall main idea and also an individual focus to each passage. This product also includes…

  • Context Clues Project | Context Clues Activities


    Engage your students in this detailed 7-page context clues project! Students will love practicing their context clues skills while going on a transcontinental trek! As students travel from country to country, they must complete a wide variety of context clues tasks and earn “travel tokens” to fill their postcards and complete their trip. The following…

  • Context Clues Reading Lesson | Slideshow and Lessons


    Ready to teach about context clues? This ready-to-go lesson is the perfect way to streamline your lesson planning! Your students will absolutely love learning about context clues with these high-interest lesson slides and the accompanying slide guide. Tell me more about what’s included! Context Clues Lesson Slides – Step-by-step lessons on context clues that include definitions,…

  • Earth Day Math and Literacy Projects


    Inspire your students this spring with Earth Day math and literacy projects that engage students in a study of the many things that affect our planet. This is a bundle of two earth-themed projects: Earth Day Reading Project Earth Day Math Project Both projects have been designed for use with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades…

  • Earth Day Reading Comprehension | Reading Project Enrichment


    Celebrate Earth Day with this engaging 10-page reading project that covers a wide variety of reading skills. This printable and digital reading project is fun, rigorous, and ready for upper elementary classrooms! Tell me about this Earth Day reading project! Students will explore topics relating to Earth Day as they collect ‘badges’ to place on…

  • End of the Year Context Clues Activity


    Engage your upper elementary students with these fun and easy to prepare End of the Year Context Clues activities! No prep required, just print them out and use the context clues activities as literacy centers, or break them up into several engaging reading lessons that align to Common Core Standards! This resource includes 6 high-interest…

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