Reading Skills

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  • Making Inferences Task Cards | Inferencing Activities


    Inferencing is such a challenging skill to master! Use these two sets of 40 task cards (80 cards total) that help students practice making inferences and inferencing. The first 20 cards have pictures that students make inferences from. The next 20 cards have short stories that students make inferences from. There are TWO kinds of…

  • November Reading Skills and Enrichment Task Cards


    This set of 56 Reading Skills and Enrichment Task Cards for grades 3-5 has been designed to engage your students in thoughtful reading skill review. All of the task cards have a fun November, Thanksgiving, or Fall theme and address important events in US history, doubling the educational value. What’s included in the November Reading…

  • Poetry Comprehension


    Help your students to read and comprehend poetry with 18 Original Poems and 4 Poetry Comprehension Task Cards for each poem! Engage your students in learning about poetry with these fun poems and and engaging task card activities task cards. What is included with these poetry comprehension task cards? Half-page poems with four task cards…

  • Poetry Response Prompts | Task Cards


    Looking for an engaging way to practice responding to poetry? This set of poetry response task cards will help your students in upper elementary to think critically about poems. And they work with almost any poem! Engage your students in learning about poetry with these fun poems and and engaging task card activities task cards….

  • Point of View Reading Project


    Reading projects make learning fun! Engage your students in this detailed 7-page point of view and perspective reading project that is perfect for upper elementary. Students will love practicing their point of view and perspective skills while planning and analyzing many aspects of The Concert of the Year! Students get to choose who is performing…

  • Reading Skills Reading Response Task Cards


    These engaging Reading Skills Reading Response Task Cards provide engaging critical thinking prompts for ANY book. Explore key reading skills at a deeper level with these prompts that are perfect for upper elementary. A set of 24 task cards that require students to think critically and incorporate common reading skills when answering questions about their…

  • Reading Skills Task Card Bundle


    A HUGE set of over 350 of my Reading Skills Task Cards all bundled into one nice, discounted package. These reading skill task cards are digital AND printable. You will receive the following cards: Author’s Purpose: 44 Cards Main Idea: 52 Cards Compare and Contrast : 32 Cards Cause and Effect : 32 Cards Fact and Opinion : 64 Cards…

  • Restate the Question Task Card Activity


    32 DIFFERENTIATED Restating the Question Task Cards! Each digital or printable card includes a brief paragraph (16 fiction restating the question cards and 16 nonfiction restating the question cards) and a short who, what, where, when, why, or how question to be answered. The brief passages and questions are designed to help students practice restate…

  • September Back to School Reading Skills and Enrichment Task Cards


    Engaging and rigorous reading for upper elementary! This set of 56 reading skills task cards is DIGITAL and printable and ready for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. These September (Back to School) themed cards cover a variety of reading and literacy skills and enrichment activities and require absolutely no prep. Each card has…

  • Sequencing Reading Project


    Sequencing Reading Project is the perfect way to practice sequence of events. Engage your students in learning about and reviewing the crucial reading skill of sequencing with this 8-page reading project. Students will tag along on a pool party birthday bash while practicing sequence of events in a variety of ways. Each sheet reviews sequencing…

  • Sequencing Task Cards


    This is a set of 32 digital and printable sequencing task cards with a variety of ways for students to practice the ever-important skill of sequencing! Please check out my preview for a sample look at many of the cards. This resource now includes DIGITAL access via Google Slides! Students will type or circle their answers directly…

  • Spring Context Clues Activity


    Engage your upper elementary students with these fun and easy to prepare Spring Context Clues activities! No prep required, just print them out and use the context clues activities as literacy centers, or break them up into several engaging reading lessons that align to Common Core Standards! This resource includes 6 high-interest context clues reading…