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  • Context Clues Project | Context Clues Activities


    Engage your students in this detailed 7-page context clues project! Students will love practicing their context clues skills while going on a transcontinental trek! As students travel from country to country, they must complete a wide variety of context clues tasks and earn “travel tokens” to fill their postcards and complete their trip. The following…

  • Context Clues Reading Lesson | Slideshow and Lessons


    Ready to teach about context clues? This ready-to-go lesson is the perfect way to streamline your lesson planning! Your students will absolutely love learning about context clues with these high-interest lesson slides and the accompanying slide guide. Tell me more about what’s included! Context Clues Lesson Slides – Step-by-step lessons on context clues that include definitions,…

  • Coordinate Graphing Math Project | Real-World Drone Activities


    Your students will LOVE this incredibly engaging Coordinate Grid Coordinate Graphing Drone Delivery Math Project! While students practice a multitude of coordinate grid skills, they will imagine themselves as pilots in charge of drones that deliver packages for the fictional company Amazion! What’s included in this Coordinate Grid Math Project? Drone Driver Licenses to ENGAGE…

  • Coping Skills for Big Emotions | SEL Activities | Character Education


    Are you ready to Move Mountains with your students and their character education goals this year? Incorporating SEL activities into your classroom is easy with this picture book companion to help students learn the importance of confronting managing, and coping with big emotions. Grab the beautiful picture book Sweep by Louise Greig and pair it with Moving Mountains…

  • Dangers of Making Assumptions | First Impressions Activities | SEL Lessons


    What are the dangers of making assumptions? Why are first impressions so important? Learn all about why assumptions can be wrong with a set of engaging character education lessons from Teaching With a Mountain View. Are you ready to Move Mountains with your students and their character education goals this year? Incorporating SEL activities into…

  • December Poem of the Week | Fluency and Comprehension


    Help your students to read and comprehend poetry with 4 original poems designed to practice poetry and fluency skills! Each poem is accompanied by thoughtful tasks to help students focus on their oral reading fluency and reading comprehension. What is included with this resource? Double-sided booklets Single page version with additional space for annotating A…

  • Decimal Place Value Math Project


    Math projects make math engaging! Your students will absolutely LOVE this 8-page decimal place value skills review that’s all about the biggest sporting championship of the year! The championship has just wrapped up, and your students have stepped into the role of Scoring Official for the games. The scores are being tallied, the competitors are…

  • Division Math Project | Differentiated Real-World Long Division Practice


    Long division requires copious practice to master, and the best kind of practice is real-world and authentic — that’s why I created this long division math project! Engage your students with this division project designed to help them practice long division (no matter what method you teach). Extend and enrich division skills with real-world practice…

  • Earth Day Math and Literacy Projects


    Inspire your students this spring with Earth Day math and literacy projects that engage students in a study of the many things that affect our planet. This is a bundle of two earth-themed projects: Earth Day Reading Project Earth Day Math Project Both projects have been designed for use with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades…

  • Earth Day Math Project


    Celebrate Earth Day with this engaging upper elementary math project that covers a wide variety of skills. This printable and digital reading project is fun, rigorous, and ready to teach with NO prep! Tell me about this Earth Day Math project! Students will explore math projects relating to taking care of the earth as they…

  • Earth Day Reading Comprehension | Reading Project Enrichment


    Celebrate Earth Day with this engaging 10-page reading project that covers a wide variety of reading skills. This printable and digital reading project is fun, rigorous, and ready for upper elementary classrooms! Tell me about this Earth Day reading project! Students will explore topics relating to Earth Day as they collect ‘badges’ to place on…

  • Elapsed Time Math Project | Real-World Time Project and Activities


    Engage your students with this 9 page, real-world Elapsed Time practice. Your students will love playing elapsed time detective and solving crimes while working on elapsed time skills!   Students will practice elapsed time skills in a variety of ways. You can use a few of the pages or all of them depending on how…

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