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  • Halloween Math Activities | Bundle


    Are you looking for a way to make your math lessons a little spooky this Halloween season? You can meet necessary academic standards and maintain rigor with these Halloween math activities for upper elementary. These Halloween Literacy activities are perfect for 4th and 5th Grade classrooms. They’ll also work well for advanced 3rd graders. No…

  • Informational Text Structures Task Cards | Text Structure Printables


    Perfect for your informational text structure study, these differentiated information text structure task cards contain 48 engaging and informative paragraphs. You can choose to use the 16 half-page task cards with one main topic and three paragraphs about each, or you can use each individual paragraph. This Resource Includes the Following: →16 Half Page Task Cards with…

  • Language Skill of the Day Weekly Journal for Spiral Review


    Engage your students in a daily review of key language arts and grammar skills with this *HUGE* Skill of the Day Weekly Journal. Each week includes a daily skill review using a wide variety of high-interest activities. An additional weekly “Boost Your Brain Bonus” activity provides your students with an early finisher activity to stretch…

  • Literacy Anchor Chart Templates

    Literacy Anchor Charts BUNDLE


    This is the COMPLETE collection of literacy anchor charts and quick reference guides to use with your students during literacy and ELA lessons. These reading, figurative language, and informational text structures anchor chart templates are inspired by the well-loved anchor charts I have featured on my blog for years. How To Use These Literacy Anchor…

  • Literacy Skill of the Week BUNDLE


    Literacy Skill of the Week is the ULTIMATE yearlong spiral review resource! Get ready to build literacy skills in a way that’s FUN for students and EASY to prep! This is a monthly resource to teach and review essential reading, writing, and grammar skills in fourth and fifth grades. What’s included in this literacy bundle?…

  • Main Idea Task Cards


    A digital and printable set of 52 Differentiated Main Idea Task Cards with activity sheets and main idea statements for easy differentiation. 32 Paragraph Task Cards and 20 Picture Task Cards.   What’s included in this set of main idea task cards? 16 Non-Fiction Paragraph Cards 16 Fiction Paragraph Cards 20 Picture Cards There are…

  • Main Idea vs. Theme | Task Cards


    Main Idea and Theme are tricky topics that your students can MASTER with this resource! Engage your students in understanding the difference between the main idea of a story and the theme of a story with these 16 unique, DIFFERENTIATED task cards that are printable and digital. *This is the original Main Idea vs. Theme resource!* The…

  • Making Inferences Task Cards | Inferencing Activities


    Inferencing is such a challenging skill to master! Use these two sets of 40 task cards (80 cards total) that help students practice making inferences and inferencing. The first 20 cards have pictures that students make inferences from. The next 20 cards have short stories that students make inferences from. There are TWO kinds of…

  • Math Anchor Charts | Math Poster Reference Guides


    You’ve been asking for it, and it’s finally here! This is the complete collection of math anchor charts and quick reference guides to use with your students during math lessons. These math anchor chart templates are inspired by the well-loved anchor charts I have featured on my blog for years! Each anchor chart includes visuals,…

  • Math Lessons Flip Books Bundle


    Are you ready to take your math lessons to the NEXT LEVEL? Look no further than these engaging & rigorous math flipbooks lessons. Your students will love these high-interest flipbooks, and you will love the skill reinforcement, and practice that each book provides. Which Math Flipbook resources are included in this bundle? Place Value (2 differentiated…

  • Math Projects BUNDLE


    These real-world math projects have changed my math instruction and increased my students’ critical thinking skills! This bundle of math projects includes thirteen discounted concept-based, differentiated, best-selling math projects. 13 *Highly Rated,* concept-based projects are included. Wondering how to use these engaging projects in your classroom? THIS blog post breaks down how Math Projects are the ultimate tool for engagement and differentiation….

  • Math Word Problem of the Day | MEGA Bundle


    Solving word problems is a critical component of math instruction and increasing problem-solving skills. This 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade Word Problem of the Day BUNDLE provides you with 25 unique single and multi-step word problems for every month of the year for each grade level. That’s 900-word problems in all! ⭐ This complete bundle includes 36 sets of…

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