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Context Clues Project | Context Clues Activities

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Engage your students in this detailed 7-page context clues project! Students will love practicing their context clues skills while going on a transcontinental trek! As students travel from country to country, they must complete a wide variety of context clues tasks and earn “travel tokens” to fill their postcards and complete their trip.

The following context clues skills are included in the project:

Multiple Choice
Using context clues to determine the meaning of nonsense words
Fill in the blank (with word bank)
Fill in the blank (without word bank)
Determine the meaning of words and generate definitions
Multiple meaning words
Dictionary Definitions

Please see the preview for a closer look at the project pages as well as the additional components!


HAVE FUN with this project! Dress up like a “tacky tourist” as you introduce it and serve airplane snacks (think small bags of pretzels and tiny glasses of pop!) as they work. Your students will be so engaged they won’t even realize all the content they are practicing.

You can have your students complete this as a whole class, in small groups, or as a fun at-home project.

A Note on Grade Levels: My reading and math projects are designed to extend and enrich student thinking. In general, this should be a guided activity with 3rd graders, 4th graders will need some help, and most 5th graders will be able to complete this as a review on their own after some explanation.

Answer Keys Included

Looking for no-prep lessons and slides to teach context clues? Look no further! You can find them here!


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Context Clues Project | Context Clues Activities