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  • Math Anchor Charts | Math Poster Reference Guides


    You’ve been asking for it, and it’s finally here! This is the complete collection of math anchor charts and quick reference guides to use with your students during math lessons. These math anchor chart templates are inspired by the well-loved anchor charts I have featured on my blog for years! Each anchor chart includes visuals,…

  • Math By the Numbers Activities for Enrichment | Seasonal | COMPLETE BUNDLE


    Are you looking for the BEST way to enrich and extend your math lessons? Need to build various math skills in a way that also uses critical thinking skills and applies them to real-world situations at the same time? These Math By the Numbers activities are the resources you need in your classroom! Which sets of Seasonal…

  • Math Lessons Flip Books Bundle


    Are you ready to take your math lessons to the NEXT LEVEL? Look no further than these engaging & rigorous math flipbooks lessons. Your students will love these high-interest flipbooks, and you will love the skill reinforcement, and practice that each book provides. Which Math Flipbook resources are included in this bundle? Place Value (2 differentiated…

  • Math Logic Puzzles for Critical Thinking and Enrichment


    Enrich and extend your math lessons with these ‘Math Mystery’ logic puzzles that are the perfect challenge for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. The puzzles are skills-based, so they integrate well with almost ANY math lesson! Three levels of difficulty make for the perfect challenge: Introductory logic puzzles are great for beginners (4th grade and up!)…

  • Math Projects BUNDLE | Real-World Activities for Math Skills


    These real-world math projects have changed my math instruction and increased my students’ critical thinking skills! This bundle of math projects includes thirteen discounted concept-based, differentiated, best-selling math projects. 13 *Highly Rated,* concept-based projects are included. Wondering how to use these engaging projects in your classroom? THIS blog post breaks down how Math Projects are the ultimate tool for engagement and differentiation….

  • Math Projects for Upper Elementary | Real-World Math Activities Mega Bundle


    Take engagement and rigor to the next level with these high-interest math projects for upper elementary. I have designed my math projects to be highly engaging, student-driven, real-world, and enriching. You’ll have a project for every occasion all year long! This bundle of THIRTY digital and printable math projects is perfect to use during math…

  • Math Review Project for Test Prep 5th Grade


    5th and 6th Grade Math Cumulative Review Project – Engage your students in meaningful content review with this 10-page math project, comprehensively covering all the essential 5th-grade math skills. This project will prepare your students for the rigor of upcoming state tests or work as a review of content! This is a NO PREP project! Simply…

  • Math Test Prep Review Project for 4th Grade


    4th Grade Math Review Project Engage your students with this 10-page math project, comprehensively covering all of the essential 4th grade math skills. This is a NO PREP project! Simply print OR use the Google Slides version for DIGITAL ACCESS! **This is perfect for END OF THE YEAR Review, Beginning of the Year, and TEST PREP!*…

  • Math Word Problem of the Day | MEGA Bundle


    Solving word problems is a critical component of math instruction and increasing problem-solving skills. This 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade Word Problem of the Day BUNDLE provides you with 25 unique single and multi-step word problems for every month of the year for each grade level. That’s 900-word problems in all! ⭐ This complete bundle includes 36 sets of…

  • May Poem of the Week | Fluency and Comprehension


    Help your students to read and comprehend poetry with 4 original poems designed to practice poetry and fluency skills! Each poem is accompanied by thoughtful tasks to help students focus on their oral reading fluency and reading comprehension. What is included with this resource? Double-sided booklets Single page version with additional space for annotating A…

  • Measurement and Geometry Math Project


    Engage your students with 13 pages of no-prep measurement and geometry math activities! This real-life math project will have your students on a journey to ‘create’ the specs of a new amusement park and present it to a board of directors. In this measurement and geometry project students will figure out how tall their rides…

  • Mental Math Task Cards


    Increase number sense, math fact recall, computation skills, and problem solving with this FULL YEAR bundle of mental math task cards! Incorporating mental math problems into your daily routines can make a massive impact on your student’s automaticity with math facts and problem solving. These are a perfect companion for implementing number talks in your…

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