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Weekly Letter Writing | Building Relationships in Upper Elementary

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Are you looking for an engaging and authentic way to build relationships in your upper elementary classroom AND practice important writing skills? Weekly Letter Writing is the only homework I use in my classroom, and it is one of the best things I have ever implemented in the classroom.

The premise is simple: Write a letter to your students each week, and they write one back. 

But it’s even easier than that because this Weekly Letter Writing resource includes an editable template for every single weekly letter. Just open, add a bit of personalization, and print. That’s it!

What’s included in this weekly letter writing resource?

  • Weekly Letters for each month of the school year – they’re all editable so you can personalize them with your own anecdotes and classroom content
  • Student Responses – A letter template for students to respond to your letter
  • Rubric to grade students responses
  • A letter explaining the project to students/caregivers

Weekly Letter Writing is STILL GROWING

This resource currently includes weekly letters (and student response templates)  for August, September, October, November, December, January and February. March through July will be added to the resource throughout the year. Each time a new month is added the price will go up, and you get the updates for FREE.

Additional months will be added at least a week before they need to be used in the classroom. 

Why should I try Weekly Letter Writing?

  • Build relationships in the classroom and get to know your students
  • Practice writing skills in a fun and interesting way
  • Reflect on the school year and address important classroom events and issues

Need DIGITAL? We’ve got you covered! Digital versions are also included! They were created in Google Slides and are ready for Google Classroom.

Grade Levels: This resource is best for grades 3-6

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Weekly Letter Writing | Building Relationships in Upper Elementary