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Reading Fluency | Science of Reading

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Master reading fluency in upper elementary with this set of THIRTY-FIVE activities that are sure to help your students become fluent readers. Teaching using the Science of Reading with a focus on building oral reading fluency? These are the perfect upper elementary literacy tool for you!

Science of Reading: The science of reading recommends explicit fluency practice with connected texts in the upper grades. These passages are perfect for this!

Includes 659 Task Cards and 111 Reader’s Theatre Plays!

Fluency and comprehension are at the heart of upper grades reading instruction, and the reader’s theater plays have been carefully designed to review both! These carefully designed plays help students practice their reading comprehension skills, gives them plenty of opportunity for oral reading fluency practice, and provides accountability to both the readers and the audience.

The reading fluency task card activities help students to practice their fluency of phrases and sentences in a quick and easy way. Each card contains various sentence structures, dialogue, punctuation, expression, etc. that students commonly find in texts.


Skill-Based Reading Fluency Task Cards (256 Fluency Task Cards)

  • Original Mixed Fluency Practice Task Cards
  • Affixes Fluency Task Cards
  • Dialogue Fluency Task Cards
  • Expression & Punctuation Task Cards
  • Nonfiction Reading Fluency
  • Types of Sentences Reading Fluency
  • Complex Sentences Reading Fluency
  • Figurative Language Reading Fluency

Other Reading Fluency Task Cards (43 Fluency Task Cards)

  • Biography Fluency Task Cards
  • Solar System Fluency Task Cards

Holiday and Seasonal Reading Fluency Task Cards (360 Fluency Task Cards)

  • January *Winter Fun*
  • February *Presidents*
  • March *A Trip to Ireland*
  • April *Titanic*
  • May *Spring Fling*
  • June *End of The Year/Summer Fun*
  • August *Back to School Fun*
  • September *Academic Fun Facts*
  • October *Halloween*
  • November *Fall and Fun Facts*
  • December *Holidays*

Seasonal Reader’s Theater (48 plays total)

  1. Back to School Reader’s Theater
  2. Halloween Reader’s Theater
  3. Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater
  4. Holiday/Winter Reader’s Theater
  5. Spring Reader’s Theater
  6. End of the Year Reader’s Theater

Skill-Based Reader’s Theater (63 plays total)

  1. Story Elements Reader’s Theater Plays
  2. Inferencing Reader’s Theater Plays
  3. Sequencing Reader’s Theater Plays
  4. Cause and Effect Reader’s Theater Plays
  5. Point of View and Perspective Reader’s Theater Plays
  6. Character Traits and Conflict Reader’s Theater Plays
  7. Author’s Purpose Reader’s Theater Plays

Also included is our Fluency Reading Flipbook for learning and encouraging the components of reading fluency!

What is the best way to use the task card activities included in this bundle?

You can use them in a variety of ways. I had each of my students read each card three times (repeated readings) in an independent reading center. I have also had students read the cards to each other, taking turns, in an independent center. I also had a teacher use them to do a quick reading warm up, giving each student a card, and having him or her read it out loud to the entire class. You can use these 32 different times for warm ups, giving students a different card each time!

Looking for no-prep lessons and slides to teach fluency? Look no further! You can find them here!


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