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Measurement and Geometry Math Project

# of Pages: 26

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Engage your students with 13 pages of no-prep measurement and geometry math activities! This real-life math project will have your students on a journey to ‘create’ the specs of a new amusement park and present it to a board of directors.

In this measurement and geometry project students will figure out how tall their rides are, who can ride on which rides, how long it will take to get through lines, which types of angles are in the rides and more. This is the perfect supplement to your measurement and geometry unit!

**Now includes a digital component via Google Slides for MOST pages

Which skills are reviewed in this measurement and geometry math project?

  • Marking Measurements
  • Measuring Distances with Scale
  • Converting Feet and Inches (NOTE: Most measures are in standard measure, NOT metric)
  • Adding and Subtracting Measurements
  • Problem Solving with Measurements
  • Identifying Angles
  • Relative Size
  • Symmetry
  • Properties of Polygons
  • Classifying Polygons

Also includes an Enrich and Extend page for early finishers.

Answer Keys are included where applicable, although some are open-ended and dependent upon student choice.

Haven’t covered all of the topics? Use what you need, toss what you don’t! *JUST PRINT!* I have also included a cover page to make this a personal project for each student.

Grades 4+

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Measurement and Geometry Math Project