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Mental Math Task Cards

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Increase number sense, math fact recall, computation skills, and problem solving with this FULL YEAR bundle of mental math task cards! Incorporating mental math problems into your daily routines can make a massive impact on your student’s automaticity with math facts and problem solving. These are a perfect companion for implementing number talks in your classroom!

*Please note: This resource received MAJOR additions on August 30, 2022, so please read carefully below!

This mental math task card resource includes the following:

  • 8 sets of mental math task cards (416 task cards total!)
  • Answer Keys & Recording Sheets
  • Digital Access via Google Slides

The following EIGHT sets are included:

  • Set #1: Addition and Subtraction only (52 cards)
  • Set #2: Add/Subtract/Multiply (52 cards)
  • Set #3: Add/Subtract/Multiply with Powers of 10 (52 cards)
  • Set #4: Multiplication and Division Facts (52 cards)
  • Set #5: ALL operations (52 cards)
  • Set #6: Mental math word problems (52 cards)
  • Set #7: All operations with real-world numbers (number of eggs in a dozen, number of wheels on a car, etc.) (52 cards)
  • Set #8: All operations with real-world numbers (NO American-specific content) (52 cards)

How to use these mental math task cards:

You can use these task cards in a variety of ways. They have been designed to be read orally to the class or small group, giving students a small amount of time between each subsequent direction. I usually have my students privately write their answer on a whiteboard. Then I give them a signal when they can flash their answer to me before I confirm. You can also use these with partners, small groups, or one on one.

The numbers used in the task cards have been specifically designed for mental math computations. Each set gets increasingly more difficult.

These cards are a perfect companion for number talks!

Why mental math?

Increases Self-Confidence
Increase Number Sense and Manipulation of Numbers
Real-World Relevance
Develops Math Fact Automaticity
Helps build conceptual understanding
Keeps the brain sharp
Taps into different learning modalities

What grade levels are these for?

You can use these starting in 3rd grade, though only the first set will be applicable at the beginning of the year. They are ideal for 4th and 5th graders looking to sharpen their computation skills.

⭐⭐Looking for great ideas on how to use Mental Math in your classroom?
Check out my blog post for tips and tricks that I’ve used!


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Mental Math Task Cards