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Place Value Math Project

# of Pages: 12

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DIFFERENTIATED Place Value Math Project, Place Value Detectives! Your students will love practicing their place value skills as real-life, crime-solving detectives. As the students start up their own detective agency, they must also solve 5 crimes that require them to use their place value skills. {4 of the pages have two different options to maximize your differentiation!)

Check out the preview for a look at all 8 student work pages (Also includes 4 additional pages with larger numbers, up to the millions, for differentiation).

Updated July 2022!

What does this Place Value Math Project include?

  • Original Project and Answer Keys
  • Google Slides Version of Original Project
  • NEW: Less-Text Google Slides Version with more Interactive Elements and easier navigation
  • NEW: Less-Text PDF Printable Version with less text and activities on each page.

Less-Text Version Notes: The Less-Text Versions contain ALL of the same contact and tasks, but some of the pages have been split up for ease of use. There are 12 pages in this version instead of 8. It simplifies the project for students who have a hard time navigating a page with too much text. It is also slightly more interactive in its digital version.

What Skills Are Covered in This Place Value Math Project?

  • Place Value
  • Expanded Form
  • Standard Form
  • Word Form
  • Rounding
  • Comparing

Important Note: This 8-page project is meant to enrich and extend the concept of place value. Most pages require students to think critically and use the process of elimination to figure out who committed a “crime.” You can eliminate some of the more difficult pages for easy differentiation.

With differentiation options, this is standards-aligned for grades 2-4, but recommended for grades 3+ due to the complexity of solving some of the “crimes”!


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Place Value Math Project