Elapsed Time Math Project

Engage your students with this 9 page, real-world Elapsed Time practice. Your students will love playing elapsed time detective and solving crimes while working on elapsed time skills!

Students will practice elapsed time skills in a variety of ways. You can use a few of the pages or all of them depending on how much time you have. Many of these problems include elapsed time word problems and critically thinking about the skill.

NO PREP! Just PRINT these elapsed time printable activities for a ready-to-go project.

What's included in this Elapsed Time Project?

  • Elapsed Time Project (Full Color)
  • Ink Friendly Elapsed Time Project – A black and white version that's easy to print and photocopy
  • Answer Keys
  • Digital version in Google Slides

Differentiating the Elapsed Time Project is Easy!

There are nine pages of elapsed time content, and each page stands alone. Something too hard? Haven't covered that concept yet? Just leave the pages out! It's easy to choose the right page(s) for each student!

Which grades is this elapsed time project for?

This project is great for grades 3+

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