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4th Grade Spiral Math Review | Math Skill of the Day



Engage your students in thoughtfully spiraled skill review with just one skill every day with Math Skill of the Day! This 36 week resource (plus 4 weeks of review) will provide your 4th graders with the perfect amount and type of review and practice to keep their skills sharp. I have taken great care to create this resource with student learning in mind, ensuring that all skills are practiced in many different ways and that they aren't extensively introduced in the notebook until they have been taught in most classrooms.

Included in this Notebook:

• 4 weeks (8 pages) of 3rd Grade Skill Review

•36 weeks (72pages) of 4th Grade Spiraling Skill of the Day Review

•Answer Keys for all Pages

•Teacher Pacing & Information

•Student Journal Cover Options

•GOOGLE SLIDES digital version to assign to your students in Google Classroom

In addition to the skill of the day, each week includes Math Fact Practice, a Multi-Step Word Problem, and a Number of the Week Section.

EVERY 4th Grade Standard is Reviewed:

→Place Value & Number Sense Skills (Prime, Composite, Factors, Multiples, etc.)

→Addition & Subtraction (Including decimals)

→Multiplication & Division

→Measurement (Time, Length, Area & Perimeter, Volume & Mass)

→Geometry (Angles, Lines, Symmetry)

→Fractions (Drawing, Identifying, Number Lines, Comparing, Equivalence, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying)

→Data & Measurement (Line Plots, Area and Perimeter)

**Please see preview for more detailed information about the skills practiced**

What makes this different from other “daily math” programs? I designed this math skill of the day resource after searching and searching for the perfect review of math skills and not being able to find exactly what my students needed. I wanted something that would routinely reintroduce my students to the important skills they had learned throughout the year (and in years prior) and engage them in meaningful, relevant practice of ONE SKILL per day, allowing us to truly review the skill.

Note: The first several weeks have some repeating skills and tasks from my 3rd grade version of this resource as review. However, all numbers have been changed and adjusted, so none of the tasks repeat from 3rd grade.

The pages print beautifully in color, but look great in black and white, too!

Please note: There are FOUR days per page the printable version. The digital version has ONE day per page.

You can use this resource as morning work, as a warm-up, as whole group or small group practice, nightly homework, and more. The options are endless!

***Are you looking for weekly assessments to accompany this resource? I now have WEEKLY QUICK CHECKS for 4th GRADE MATH!***


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