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3rd Grade Skill of the Day Spiral Review and Quick Check BUNDLE


Are you looking for the ULTIMATE daily resource that comes with weekly assessments or quick checks? The resources in this bundle have been thoughtfully designed to introduce and review key reading and math skills for 3rd graders. This bundle includes the following resources in BOTH Print and DIGITAL format:

Daily Spiral Review Skill of the Day Resources:

3rd Grade Math Skill of the Day: 40 Weeks of Daily Math Skill Review

Reading Skill of the Day: 40 Weeks of Daily Reading Skill Review

Weekly Spiral Review Quick Checks:

3rd Grade Weekly Math Quick Checks: 40 Weeks

Reading Skill of the Day: 40 Weeks

ALL Resources include Digital and Printable Versions and Answer Keys!

At the third grade level, the reading skill of the day resources are best used with teacher guidance for biggest impact.

Reading Skill of the Day Information:

Each week includes a daily skill review with high-interest passages and engaging reading activities. An additional weekly bonus activity provides your students with an early finisher activity to stretch their thinking. (6 activities total per week)

This resource includes a total of 40 weeks of content (240 activities total, including the bonus activity each week). There are EIGHT, five-week cycles/sets that provide skill review in increasing difficulty and different formats. Most tasks can be completed in less than five minutes! Please view the preview for a complete list of when each skill is reviewed.

Math Skill of the Day Information:

Engage your students in thoughtfully spiraled skill review with just one skill every day! This 40-week resource (including 4 weeks of 2nd grade review) will provide your 3rd graders with the perfect amount and type of review and practice to keep their skills sharp. I have taken great care to create this resource with student learning in mind, ensuring that all skills are practiced in many different ways and that they aren't extensively introduced in the notebook until they have been taught in most classrooms.


Weekly Reading Quick Checks Information:

Easily assess 17 key reading skills with this rigorous and engaging weekly reading skill review resource. Each week reviews main Idea, inference and at least two critical more reading skills (outlined below). Students will read one fiction and one informational text each week and complete accompanying tasks. That means there is a total of 80 passages included and a full 40 weeks of content!

Weekly Math Quick Checks Information:

Easily assess your students’ math skill progress with this rigorous and engaging weekly math review resource. Each week reviews critical 3rd grade math skills, operations, and multi-step problem solving. Use these 3rd grade math quick checks as weekly quizzes, homework, morning work, or review!

This is the perfect spiral review bundle to keep your students' skills sharp!

Please Note: The Reading Skill of the Day content is the same as in the 4th and 5th grade mega bundles. If you need multiple grade levels, I suggest purchasing one grade level mega bundle and the individual grade level math sets.


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