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Engage your students in a daily review of 17 key reading skills with this HUGE Reading Skill of the Day Weekly Journal. This weekly journal covers common core reading skills and is perfect for fourth and fifth grades.

This is SET #2, which includes the second set of 20 weeks of content! The content is generally more advanced and text-heavy than the first 20 weeks of content!

Included in the file you will find:

• 40 Pages of Printable Student Pages

• Complete Teacher Answer Key/Guide with suggested answers

• Four Student Cover Options (Color and Black & White Options)

• Reading Skill Quick-Reference Guide

• Teacher Information

Google Classroom Access

Google Slides Note: Please note that there are TWO Google Slides versions included. The first one is in the original four days per page format, and the second is in a SINGLE PAGE PER DAY FORMAT.

Printable Version Note: Please note that there are TWO printable versions included. The first one is in the original four days per page format (as seen in the preview), and the second is in a SINGLE PAGE PER DAY FORMAT so that you can print one day per page.

Each week includes a daily skill review with high-interest passages and engaging reading activities. An additional weekly bonus activity provides your students with an early finisher activity to stretch their thinking. (6 activities total per week)

This resource includes a total of 20 weeks of content (120 activities total, including the bonus activity each week). There are FOUR, five-week cycles/sets that provide skill review in increasing difficulty and different formats. Most tasks can be completed in less than five minutes! Please view the preview for a complete list of when each skill is reviewed.

The following reading skills are reviewed throughout the course of this journal:

• Main Idea (Every Monday)

• Inference (Every Wednesday)

• Cause & Effect

• Author’s Purpose

• Compare & Contrast

• Fact & Opinion

• Context Clues

• Sequencing

• Fluency

• Character Traits

• Key Details

• Story Elements

• Point of View

• Restating the Question

• Text Features

• Text Structure

• Theme

This resource is perfect for use after all of these reading skills have been taught or in the upper grades where all of these skills have been previously mastered. This is an invaluable resource for test prep!

Why Reading Skill of the Day? I designed this resource after searching and searching for the perfect review of reading skills and not being able to find exactly what my students needed. I wanted something that would routinely reintroduce my students to the important skills they had learned throughout the year (and in years prior) and engage them in meaningful, relevant practice. The pages print beautifully in color, but look great in black and white, too!

You can use this resource as morning work, as a warm-up, as whole group or small group practice, nightly homework, and more. The options are endless!

Grade Levels: This resource is best suited for grades 4+. 3rd grade teachers would find this resource useful when used as guided practice.


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Reading Skill of the Day #2 | Google