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Back to School Reading Logic Puzzles | Activities for Enrichment

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Enrich and extend your reading lessons and student reading comprehension with these Back to School-themed reading logic puzzles that help students solve a fun first day of school reading mystery.

They are the perfect way to build critical thinking in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Help your students increase their logical reasoning in a way that’s so much fun and perfect for the back to school season

This reading mystery has an engaging ‘first day of school’ theme that is just perfect for the back to school! There are a total of SEVEN logic puzzles for students to solve. One logic puzzle is meant for practice. FOUR puzzles help students solve a high-interest reading mystery, and two puzzles stand alone.

Tell me more about these Back to School logic puzzles! What’s in the resource?

  1. Practice Logic Puzzle – Stand-alone puzzle to help students learn how to grid responses and use logic to deduce the answer. This can be used as a whole class or as an example in a center.
  2. ‘The Back-to-School Squad’s Big Surprise’ – A fiction story to set up the back to school logic puzzles. Read the story to find out what a group of students is up to on the first day of school and get ready to solve the mystery.
  3. Four Logic Puzzles that directly connect to the back to school story. Two puzzles are easier and two are more challenging.  The clues require students to relate to the original story and the nonfiction texts on each puzzle page. These are all reading comprehension based.
  4. Capturing All of the Clues – Use the answers from the logic puzzles, the original mystery story, and context clues to complete the tale and solve the mystery.
  5. Comprehension Check – Each logic puzzle has a short informational text that relates to the puzzle. Students read the text and identify the text structure.
  6. Bonus Logic Puzzles – Two more challenging puzzles that follow the same school theme of the story.
  7. Answer Key
  8. DIGITAL VERSION in Google Slides – Great for paperless practice!

Which grade(s) are these logic puzzles good for? 

  • 3rd Grade – The perfect tool for enrichment for gifted and talented students or students needing an extra challenge.
  • 4th and 5th Grades – A great challenge that also builds critical thinking skills related to reading comprehension!

How long will it take to complete this set of logic puzzles?
Completing this entire packet should take about 90-120 minutes. It can be done all at once or split over multiple days!

These logic puzzles can help your students build so many essential skills…

  • Identify text structures
  • Making inferences
  • Reading and comprehending informational text
  • Finding the main idea of a text
  • Structure and sequence of events
  • Critical thinking
  • Logical reasoning

Your students will love finding clues and solving these engaging reading logic puzzles!

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Back to School Reading Logic Puzzles | Activities for Enrichment