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Summer Math Multi-Step Word Problem Scavenger Hunt

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Your students will love these 32 Summer-themed Multi-Step Word Problem Scavenger Hunt Cards! Includes THREE differentiated sets. This scavenger hunt is a fun (and quick) way for students to get more practice with multi-step word problems.

This multi-step word problem scavenger hunt resource includes THREE differentiated sets of cards:

  • Set one has 16 addition and subtraction multi-step word problems
  • Set two has 16 multiplication and division multi-step word problems
  • Set three combines sets one and two.
  • Cumulative Coloring Activity
  • DIGITAL ACCESS via interactive Google Slides!
  • Answer Keys and Recording Sheets

Just cut out the individual cards and hang them up around your room. Assign students a symbol based on their readiness!

Digital Version Information: This resource now includes digital access for distance learning. Each slide includes one word problem and students can solve and digitally complete the cumulative coloring activity.

Grade Levels: Set 1 can be used in a 3rd-grade classroom because it requires addition and subtraction of larger numbers. The other two sets of multi-step word problems are best suited for grades 4+ as they require students to multiply and divide larger numbers.

Multi-step word problems can be tricky, but these activities will give you the tools you need to help your students master them with confidence!

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Printing Suggestions: This is an image-heavy file! Please be sure that when you download and unzip the resource you’re opening it with the free version of Adobe Reader rather than directly in your web browser.

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Summer Math Multi-Step Word Problem Scavenger Hunt