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Determine the Operation Task Cards | 3rd and 4th Grade Problem Solving Math

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30 differentiated word problem task cards to encourage students to select the appropriate operation for each word problem. I created these after noticing my students struggling with which operation to choose, especially when given multiple problems from a similar scenario.

This Resource Includes the Following:

  • 30 Differentiated Half-Page Task Cards
  • Answer Key & Recording Sheet
  • DIGITAL ACCESS via Google Slides

Perfect for 3rd and Beginning of 4th graders. 

Each of the 30 cards includes THREE word problems with a similar theme. Each word problem requires a different operation to solve. Each question on the card covers a similar topic or theme so that students can see that similar scenarios often require different operations.

  • 10 Cards require Addition, Subtraction, and Basic Multiplication
  • 10 Cards require ALL OPERATIONS (Basic Multiplication & Division)
  • 10 Cards require Multi-Step with ALL OPERATIONS plus EXTRA INFORMATION

These are perfect for word problem practice, finding extra information in math problems, determining the operation, and more!

Recording Sheet and Answer Key Included


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Determine the Operation Task Cards | 3rd and 4th Grade Problem Solving Math