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Prefix Poems for Fluency and Reading Skills

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Help your students identify prefixes and practice reading skills, comprehension, fluency, and annotating with 8 original poems! These poems were written and designed to practice prefixes, reading comprehension, poetry, and fluency skills. Each poem is accompanied by thoughtful tasks to help students focus on prefixes and reading comprehension.

Which prefixes are covered?

  • un-
  • dis-
  • re-
  • de-
  • mis-
  • non-
  • over-
  • pre-
  • fore-
  • post-
  • anti-
  • semi-
  • pro-
  • sub-
  • mal-
  • inter-
  • trans-
  • tele-
  • mid-
  • super-
  • under-

What is included with this resource?

  • Double-sided booklets
  • Single-page version with additional space for annotating
  • A GOOGLE SLIDES version for digital access and paperless practice
  • An answer key!

These poems offer a range of different rhythm and rhyme schemes and are intended for reading skill, fluency, and poetry comprehension practice. The poems and comprehension questions range in complexity, making it easy to differentiate.

Booklet Version Information: Each booklet is designed to be printed double-sided and made into mini-books. Print using short-edge binding for best results.

Please Note: These are original poems. Due to copyright concerns, poems by popular authors can’t be included or referenced.

How can I use these Reading Skills Poems in my classroom?

  • Use to teach or reinforce reading skills
  • Use as a whole class poetry comprehension activity or lesson
  • Use to extend learning
  • Perfect as a literacy center
  • Differentiated poetry comprehension practice

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Prefix Poems for Fluency and Reading Skills