Personal Budget Math Project

Whether you’re looking to teach financial literacy standards or engage your students in a high-interest addition and subtraction math project, this personal budget math project is sure to be a hit with your students! This resource has been painstakingly created to encompass many critical financial literacy skills in a fun and exciting way.

Your students will be Livin’ the Dream with this resource! They get to create their own life while they select their career, car, house (rent or mortgage), food, vacations, and more. 

Once they have made their life choices, they will embark on a 6-month or year long journey (or any length of time you choose!) of tracking their expenses and maintaining a budget and savings account. Students will write a monthly check for expenses such as rent or a mortgage, utilities, car payments, etc.

Several pages are included to show students how to complete the tasks, with sample checking and savings ledges and sample completed checks.

This  Budgeting Math Project Includes:

  • 12 Months of Budgeting Pages
  • Information sheets about savings vs. checking, mortgage vs. rent, and tips for managing their money
  • 4 Pages of Career Choices
  • 1 Page of Real Estate Listing
  • 1 Page of Car Choices
  • 1 Page of Utilities/Gas Info
  • 1 Page of Monthly Food Expenses
  • 2 Pages of Extra Activities Costs and Research
  • Checkbook Pages
  • Final Reflections

Multiple Ways to Prepare:

  • Print full booklets for all students including all career/house/car options plus budgeting sheets. 
  • Print budget booklet only
  • Digital Access via Google Slides
  • Please see the preview for tips on preparing the project for use year after year! I recommend laminating the career/real estate/car/utilities, etc. pages for extended use.

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