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Multiplication and Division Math Project

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Engage your students with 9 pages of no-prep multiplication and division math activities in a fun math project format! Your students will have a blast with this pet shop-themed math project, reviewing basic multiplication and division skills.

This project is perfect for review and enrichment! It involves students in real-world application of multiplication and division concepts and requires students to think critically in a project that’s SO much fun.

Tell me more about this math project…

Your students will love putting their multiplication and division skills to the test with this fun and engaging pet shop math project. Students will step into the role of pet shop owner as they use their math skills to design, open, and operate a shop of their own!

Which multiplication and division skills are covered in this project?

  • Arrays
  • Equal Groups
  • Number Lines
  • Repeated Addition
  • Repeated Subtraction
  • Skip Counting

What if I haven’t taught it all?

Most pages in this project are designed to stand alone, so it’s easy to omit pages you aren’t ready for yet. This also makes it easy to differentiate the project to the needs of your students. Too hard? Leave it out or save it for later!

What’s Included in this Multiplication and Division Math Project Resource?

  • printable 9-page multiplication and division “pet shop themed” math project (standard and metric versions)
  • digital, Google Slides version: this version is horizontal and has been optimized for digital use.
  • Printable “shop owner” nametags for your students. Great for mini classroom transformations!
  • An answer key! (This can be found in the second half of the printable version. Some open-ended questions are dependent upon student choice.)

A note on grade levels: This resource was designed for grades 2 and 3 OR to review basic multiplication and division skills at the beginning of 4th grade.

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Multiplication and Division Math Project