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These emergency sub plans include FIVE days of editable plans, plus dozens of extra activities that your students will love! This resource includes 190 pages of activities for use with substitute teachers or in your classroom! Whether you are making emergency sub plans and need PRINT AND GO or want to mix and match activities to make the perfect guest teacher plan, this is the ultimate sub plan resource!

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What Sets These Plans Apart?

I designed these substitute teacher plans to provide meaningful, engaging, differentiated, and varied tasks in your absence. I wanted to provide you with print-and-go, super high-quality plans (for those days you can’t muster the energy to write sub plans) but also the ability to edit the templates and use the activities in whatever sequence works for you and your students. Your kids will absolutely love these activities, and your sub or guest teacher will appreciate the engagement and ease of use.

While there are only 5 days of written plans, there are more than enough activities to last well beyond 5 days!

Don’t need sub plans? These activities are AMAZING for YOUR lessons, early finishers, and more!

These sub plans include…

•Five FULL days of prewritten, completely editable plans with daily…

  • Morning Work
  • Math (Including Different Math Warm Up Page Daily)
  • Social Studies Activities
  • Science Lessons
  • Reading (Informational, Fiction, Comprehension, Fluency)
  • Writing/Grammar

•More than 190 pages of student material including DOZENS of extra pages for early finishers or everyday classroom use.

•Answer Keys and Guides for the Substitute, where applicable

Editable Templates Include:

  • Blank Sub Plan Templates Editable in PowerPoint or Google Slides
  • An organized Google Doc with ALL activity descriptions to copy and paste into your DIY sub plans, if you choose not to use the prewritten plans.
  • Editable Materials for Student and Class Info
  • A short video showing how to edit and compile plans, if needed

The following activities are included in this sub plan resource:

Math Activities Include:

•DAILY, VARIED Math Warm-Up Tasks for 5 Days

•Math Manipulative Pictures (Pattern Blocks & Base Ten)

•3 Market Math (Operations)

•Mt. Everest By the Numbers

•Geometry Pictures

•Fraction Sundaes (Taking Orders and Build Your Own)

•Design a Water Bottle (Operations and Picture Math)

Note: All math activities, with the exception of the geometry tasks and warm-ups, include both a whole number and decimal version for differentiation.

Reading Activities Include:

•5 Fiction Listening Comprehension

•6 Activities to use with ANY Fiction Picture Book

•5 Fluency with Friends Partner Plays

•5 Using Pictures to Teach

•5 Activities to use with ANY Informational text

•5 Rapid Read and Review Informational Text Tasks

Note: The Rapid Read and Review Informational Text Tasks include two differentiated versions

Writing Activities Include:

•5 Parts of Speech Word Search (Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives)

•4 Skill-Based Crossword Puzzles (Fiction Words, Informational Words, Grammar Words, Synonyms & Antonyms)

•5 Word Ladders

•5 Writing Prompts

•5 Picture Stories

•10 Word Maker Activities

Fun with the Longest Word

Social Studies Activities Include:

•Gold Rush and Oregon Trail

•Evaluating Information from Multiple Sources

•Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources


•Supply and Demand

•Types of Maps

Note: The Gold Rush and Oregon Trail informational texts and sequencing activities are differentiated to meet the needs of your students.

Science Activities Include:

•All About Science

•Types of Scientists/Fields of Study

•Science Research/Trading Cards/Ellen Ochoa

•Observations and Diagrams

•Weather/Meteorologist on Duty

•2 Low-Prep STEM Challenges

Science activities were created in collaboration with Poet Prints Teaching.

Multiple Printing Formats:

I have compiled the activities into multiple PDFs for easy printing for your use.

  • Print a PDF of materials and answer keys needed for each individual day
  • Print a PDF of ALL activities and materials
  • Print a PDF with all activities and answer keys from one subject
  • Print a PDF with each individual activity

A Note on Editing: The content of the student work is NOT editable, but the plans are completely editable.

A Note on Grade Levels: These sub plans will work well for grades 3-5 with the differentiation options in math and reading. Please note that if you are using these sub plans at the beginning of the year in 3rd grade, some tasks may be more challenging and may need to be adapted.


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