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Main Idea Task Cards

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A digital and printable set of 52 Differentiated Main Idea Task Cards with activity sheets and main idea statements for easy differentiation. 32 Paragraph Task Cards and 20 Picture Task Cards.
What’s included in this set of main idea task cards?
  • 16 Non-Fiction Paragraph Cards
  • 16 Fiction Paragraph Cards
  • 20 Picture Cards
There are 32 paragraph scenario cards to use for generating and discussing main idea and detail statements. The students read the paragraph and generate a main idea statement (See preview). Students then pull a detail from the paragraph to write one detail that supports the main idea. Take it a step further, and the kids can create a title that belongs with the picture to show their understanding of how titles often support main ideas.
*Digital Access Note: This resource includes digital access via GOOGLE SLIDES. Each of the text task cards is on an individual slide with a place for students to type their main idea statements. The picture cards are four to a page with areas for students to type their main idea statement.
I have included Main Idea Statement Cards at the end of the cards for students who need extra help in determining main idea. Cut out the cards and then have students match the main idea statement to the picture card.


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Main Idea Task Cards