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Vocabulary Word of the Day | Monthly Journal and Slides | SET TWO

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Ready to teach your students new vocabulary words each day? SET 2 of our Vocabulary Word of the Day provides students with one new word per day. Each daily word relates to an overarching theme of the week.

This set of ‘Vocabulary Word of the Day Monthly Journal’ is perfect for the second half of your school year or any time of the year. Need something a little less advanced for the first half of the year? Check out set one, which focuses on some slightly less advanced vocabulary words to begin the year!

Included in this resource you will find 20 weeks worth of:

  • Step-by-step Teaching Slides:
    • Before the word of the day is revealed to students, the slides will display two sentences with blanks. Students will use context clues to guess what words might fit in those blanks. This allows students to generate dozens of words related to the actual word of the day!
    • The teacher will log the students’ guesses in the class word tracker.
    • The slides then reveal the word of the day, its part of speech, and its definition.
    • At the end of the week, students will discuss an overarching theme that describes every word that week.
    • Once the word of the week is revealed, students will determine its connotation.
    • Choose between a PowerPoint, Google Slides, or PDF presentation to fit your needs.
    • The PowerPoint version also includes a clickable audio pronunciation of the Word of the Day.
  • Student Journals:
    • While the teaching slides are displayed, students will take notes in their student journals.
    • For each word of the day, students will use context clues to guess the word. They will write down their classmates’ words in the class word tracker.
    • Once the word of the day is revealed, students will write down the word, determine its connotation, find its part of speech, and write a definition.
    • Next, students will draw a picture to represent their vocabulary words of the day, determine any related words, and use the word in a sentence.
    • Finally, students will complete analogies using their knowledge of their words.
    • At the end of the week, students will determine the connecting theme and the type of category the theme falls into.
    • At the end of each month, students will “put it all together” with a review of their words. Teachers can use this as an assessment, homework, or anything else!
    • Choose from a Flipbook, Single-page, or Google Slides version.
  • Digital Versions and Answer Keys
  • A Master Word List for teachers to easily reference words and definitions

Printable Version Note: Please note that there are TWO printable versions included. The first is a flipbook with five days worth of words spanned across two pages. The second version is a single-page version. Choose the version that works best for you and your students!

This resource includes a total of 20 weeks of teaching content (100 words total).

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Vocabulary Word of the Day | Monthly Journal and Slides | SET TWO