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Fractions Project



Engage your students with a real world fraction project that is digital and printable! This project based learning activity includes 13 Pages of fraction practice aligned to common core standards. You can use this as an extended project, for individual skill practice, math center work, enrichment, assessment, or independent study. This is also perfect review as test prep!

This project includes two different DIGITAL, Google Slides versions that upload easily into Google Classroom for distance or virtual learning!

What skills are covered in Breaking Up the Bakery: A Real-World Fractions Project?

  • Identifying, Drawing, and Writing Fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions
  • Reducing Fractions to Simplest Form
  • Adding Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Converting Fractions to Decimals (optional)
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Combining Fractions to make Equivalent Fractions

What is included in my purchase?

  1. The ORIGINAL printable Fractions Project (and Answer Key)
  2. The UPDATED printable Fractions Project (and Answer Key) – updated in 2019 with a modern design and small content upgrade
  3. A NO COLOR version, completely in black and white and ready for photocopying
  4. A METRIC version of the Fractions Project
  5. DIGITAL Google Slides Access in TWO versions (Choose the Fractions Project that will work best for your class! A digital metric version is also included!)

This rigorous project is best suited for grades 5+, though many pages can be used with 4th grade standards. If you are looking for an engaging fraction project that is perfect for grades 3 and 4, please check out my Sleepover Fraction Project!

What are teachers saying about this fractions project?

I love all of the TWAMV projects, and this one is one of the best. It hits all of the main fraction skills in a fun way that keeps the students engaged. This should be a 4th grade must-have resource.” – Emily G.

“This is a fantastic resource that I used to review operations with fractions and mixed numbers instead of just using a worksheet or textbook with the types of questions I wanted them to work on. My students MUCH preferred using this resource to review the topic.” – Danielle G.

“There is a LOT of materials in this resource and it helped us to review what students should have learned about fractions in previous grades, as well as allowed us to use it with this year's (sixth grade) fraction unit. We used it as a print resource, but it can also be used in google slides. Students enjoyed the fraction review without the ‘drill' method of reviewing. A great resource!” – Brenda S.

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