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End of the Year Reader’s Theater Scripts

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Fluency and comprehension are at the heart of upper grades reading instruction, and these reader’s theater plays for the end of the year have been carefully designed to review both! My students absolutely LOVE reader’s theater, and I love all the benefits they provide.

I set out to create a set of Reader’s Theater that helps students practice their reading comprehension skills, gives them plenty of opportunity for oral reading fluency practice, and provides accountability to both the readers and the audience.

Science of Reading: The science of reading recommends explicit fluency practice with connected texts in the upper grades. These passages are perfect for this!

This set of End of the Year Reader’s Theater Plays Includes:

  1. 8 High-Interest Reader’s Theater Play Scripts with an end-of-the-year theme that touch on a variety of events at the end of a school year
  2. Reader Reflection Page for Each Play with a focus on a different key reading skill
  3. Audience Reflection Pages for Each Play with a focus on a key reading skill
  4. Reader’s Theater Self-Reflection Rubric

These End of the Year Reader’s Theater Plays include 32 student parts total:

  1. 1 Play: Parts for 2 students
  2. 2 Plays:  Parts for 3 students
  3. 2 Plays: Parts for 4 students
  4. 2 Plays: Parts for 5 students
  5. 1 Play: Parts for 6 students

Which key reading skills are covered in these end-of-the-year plays?

  • Cause and effect
  • Character traits
  • Compare and contrast
  • Fact and opinion
  • Inferencing
  • Point of View
  • Story elements
  • Sequencing

What makes these plays unique?

  • 8 end-of-the-year plays with a variety of student roles included: This allows for smaller groups to maximize reading time and fluency practice, more collaboration with smaller group sizes, differentiation options, and ensures that everyone has a valuable part in the play. This also makes planning easier for teachers with a wide variety of class sizes.
  • Skill-Based Plays: These plays have been written to focus specifically on helping students practice key reading skills.
  • Reader Tasks for Comprehension: Each play has a one-page reader task that asks students to think critically about the content of their play and focuses on a single key reading skill.
  • Audience Tasks for Comprehension: Hold all of your students accountable with these audience tasks!

A Note on Grade Levels: These plays are meant to practice fluency and reading skills with students reading at a 3rd-5th grade level. They have been intentionally written to include text complexities that students will often encounter, including a variety of sentence types, affixes, inflections, interjections, punctuation, expressions, etc. Please be sure to view the preview to determine whether or not they are a good fit for your students.

More scripts, covering more essential reading skills and seasons, are on the way!

SAVE BIG with the ‘Seasonal Reader’s Theater Bundle’ – a set of Readers Theater plays for every occasion!


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End of the Year Reader’s Theater Scripts