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  • August Poem of the Week | Fluency and Comprehension


    Help your students to read and comprehend poetry with 4 original poems designed to practice poetry and fluency skills! Each poem is accompanied by thoughtful tasks to help students focus on their oral reading fluency and reading comprehension. What is included with this resource? Double-sided booklets Single page version with additional space for annotating A…

  • Back to School Getting To Know You | Digital Activity


    Enjoy these 32 digital and printable ‘getting to know you’ task cards to engage your students during the first few days of school! I always use them on the first day of school, and we love them! **NOW INCLUDES THREE OPTIONS, Including Digital Access!** These are the ORIGINAL Getting To Know You, Back to School…

  • Back to School Math By the Numbers Activity


    Enrich and extend your math lessons with this ‘Back to School Math by the Numbers activity that is perfect for 4th grade and up (and advanced 3rd graders). This resource is an engaging way for your students to work on math skills and apply them to real-world situations at the same time! How can I use…

  • Math By the Numbers Activities for Enrichment | Seasonal | COMPLETE BUNDLE


    Are you looking for the BEST way to enrich and extend your math lessons? Need to build various math skills in a way that also uses critical thinking skills and applies them to real-world situations at the same time? These Math By the Numbers activities are the resources you need in your classroom! Which sets of Seasonal…

  • Seasonal Reader’s Theater | Science of Reading


    Save BIG with this bundle of Reader’s Theater plays for every occasion! Fluency and comprehension are at the heart of upper grades reading instruction, and these seasonal reader’s theater plays have been carefully designed to review both! My students absolutely LOVE reader’s theater, and I love all the benefits they provide. I set out to create a set…

  • Test Prep Math Project | End of the Year Road Trip Math Project


    Engage your students at the end of the year with this digital and printable 15 page road trip themed back to school math project for upper elementary! It is FUN for students and the perfect way to gauge your students’ math, problem solving, and critical thinking abilities at the end of the year. Students in…

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