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FAQS about sharing digital resources

Can I post your resource on Google Classroom, Seesaw, etc?

Yes! If you have purchased the resource (or downloaded a free resource directly from my site), you may post my resources on any password-protected site that is viewable only to YOUR class and YOUR students.

Can I email parents your resources?

Yes! You may email resources to the parents of students in YOUR class.

Can I post your resource on a public district webpage?

No. I’m so sorry, but you can’t post my resources on any publicly accessible sites.  This helps keep the integrity of my resources and keeps copyright expectations intact. It’s unfair to those who have paid for a resource to have it widely available on the internet. If it is posted on a public website, you will likely receive a takedown notice requiring you to remove it.

Can I include your resource in a district-wide packet for alL the students in my district?

No.  I’m so sorry, but you’ll need to purchase additional licenses.  For larger inquiries, please email me.

No.  I’m so sorry, but I don't allow commercial use of my resources.

FAQS about using digital resources

How do I assign just one or two slides at a time?

First, you’ll want to be sure you make a copy of your original document.  Then, you have two options.
  1. You can use your copy and delete any slides you don’t want them to complete that day.  Repeat this multiple times for multiple assignments.
  2. You can open a new Slides document, go to “Import Slides” and insert only the slides you want them to complete that day.

import slides

How do I assign just one section on Google Forms?

While I usually separate them for you, there may be a time you want to only assign a few cards at a time.  To do this, you’ll want to be sure you make a copy of your original document.  Then, go to your copy and delete the sections or slides you don’t want to assign.

The text is too small, or the document is difficult to see on the screen.

There are a few things you can do here, but in general, the ZOOM feature is your new best friend!  You can zoom in on any section to make it nearly full screen.  You can also hide the speaker notes.  The first image below is with the regular view.  The second image is zoomed in to 200% with no speaker notes.

regular view

200% zoom view with no speaker notes

Why doesn’t this Google Slides resource work in “present” mode?

None of my digital resources work in present mode since students will need to type into the document or use moveable elements.  The only type of resources that work in “present” mode are those with clickable answers.

Can I edit a digital product?

In general, no.  The resource itself is embedded into the document.  The only thing you’ll be able to edit are text boxes and movable pieces.  You can always add notes to the side of the document!

My file went to the wrong GMAIL account. What do I do?

No worries! You have a few options.  You can log out and log in to the correct account and make another copy.  Alternatively, from the copy you have (in the wrong account), you can SHARE that copy with the account you need it to be in.  Then it will show up in your “Shared with Me” tab and you can make a copy into the correct account.

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