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An absolute must-have, MASSIVE bundle of all of my concept resources bundles. The bundles included in this ULTIMATE bundle are perfect for ANY teacher in grades 4+. Math projects, error analysis tasks, task cards, and other engaging activities are included in each concept bundle! This bundle includes 7 *Highly Rated* bundled resource sets.

Please see notes on each resource for digital access information. While I do plan to update most main resources to include digital access, I do not have a firm timeline for doing so.

The following SEVEN resource BUNDLES are included in this discounted bundle:

The Ultimate Elapsed Time Bundle

•Elapsed Time Reference Poster and Mini Reference Posters

•Elapsed Time Strategies Foldables

•Four Differentiated Game Boards and Task Cards

•16 Differentiated/Scaffolded Elapsed Time Printables DIGITAL INCLUDED

•Two Differentiated Sets of Task Cards DIGITAL INCLUDED

•Two sets of 40 Differentiated Elapsed Time Story Problems DIGITAL INCLUDED

•14 Elapsed Time Error Analysis Tasks DIGITAL INCLUDED

•Elapsed Time Math Project: 9 Pages of real world elapsed time practice DIGITAL INCLUDED

The Ultimate Place Value Bundle

•Place Value Task Cards: 52 Place Value Task Cards Included DIGITAL INCLUDED

•Place Value Puzzler Task Cards: 32 Task Cards Included

•Place Value Patterns

•Place Value Error Analysis DIGITAL Included

•Place Value with Pictures

•Place Value CANDY RUSH Activity! DIGITAL Included

•Place Value School Supply Match

•Place Value Guinness Book of World Records Scavenger Hunt

•2 Place Value Choice Boards

•2 Place Value Mystery Printables

The Ultimate Decimals Bundle DIGITAL Included

•124 Decimals Task Cards (3 Sets: Adding & Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing, and Decimal Skills Task Cards)

•Adding and Subtracting Math Project

•Multiplying and Dividing Math Project

Fraction Operations Resource Bundle

•Breaking Up the Bakery: A Fraction Project (13 Pages) DIGITAL Included

•Fraction Operations Error Analysis (16 Error Analysis Tasks) DIGITAL Included

•Adding and Subtracting Fractions Scavenger Hunt (48 Differentiated Task Cards)

•Dividing Fractions Task Cards (68 Task Cards) DIGITAL Included

•Multiplying Fractions Task Cards (40 Task Cards) DIGITAL Included

•Adding and Subtracting Fractions Task Cards with Like Denominators (44 Task Cards) DIGITAL Included

•Adding and Subtracting Fractions Task Cards With Unlike Denominators (40 Task Cards) DIGITAL Included

Long Division Bundle

•Movie Marathon Long Division Project (TWO Versions of a Differentiated Nine-Page Division Project) DIGITAL Included

•Long Division Error Analysis (9 Error Analysis Sheets) DIGITAL Included

•Long Division Scavenger Hunt (Hot Diggity Dog Division) (48 Cards)

•One-Digit Divisor Task Cards (32 Cards) DIGITAL Included

•Two-Digit Divisor Task Cards (32 Cards) DIGITAL Included

•Interpreting Remainders Task Cards (32 Cards) DIGITAL INCLUDED

•Long Division Write & Solve Enrichment Task Cards (32 Cards) DIGITAL Included

Perimeter and Area Bundle

• City of Shapes: Perimeter and Area Math Project : Students create their own city based on specifications. This project includes EXTENSIVE and DIFFERENTIATED area and perimeter practice. DIGITAL Included

• Area and Perimeter Word Problem Task Cards : (20 Critical Thinking Task Cards)

• Area and Perimeter Task Cards : (48 Task Cards) DIGITAL INCLUDED

• Area and Perimeter Error Analysis (14 Error Analysis Tasks) DIGITAL Included

Multi-Digit Multiplication Resource Bundle DIGITAL Included

•Resort Report: A Multi-Digit Multiplication Project

•Differentiated Multi-Digit Multiplication Task Cards

•Multi-Digit Multiplication Error Analysis

The value of each of these individual sets, if purchased alone, is well over $100! Each of the seven bundles included in this bundle are already priced 20% off the value, PLUS this bundle takes another 20% off. This is a STEAL for any 4th grade and up classroom!

The skills covered in these bundles range from grades 3-5.

Please Note: The math projects included in this bundle include many duplicates from my Ultimate Math Projects Bundle. The only concept math projects NOT included in this bundle are my Graphing Math Project, Measurement & Geometry Math Project, and Addition & Subtraction Math Project, and the Place Value Project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know!

♦While there are many task cards in this bundle, I have even MORE! If you are looking for my ULTIMATE Task Card Bundle, click HERE! There are NO repeats of task cards between this bundle and my ultimate task card bundle! ♦

If I create any other math concept bundles in the future, they will be added to this bundle.

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