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St. Patrick’s Day Math Project

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Throughout this St. Patrick’s Day Math Project, students will EXPLORE IRELAND! Your students are going to love practicing their adding and subtracting skills while planning their trip to Ireland.

I was introduced to a similar project concept while I was student teaching, and I have adapted the project over the years to meet the needs of my students. This is one of the projects that my students are most enthusiastic about year after year! I use it throughout the year to teach or assess addition and subtraction and elapsed time. Most often, I use it in March to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day.

Details About the St. Patrick’s Day Math Project

Students take a 5 day trip to Ireland with a $3,500 budget. They must carefully spend their money and keep close track of their budget so that they don’t go over.

This Math Project Includes:

  • Student instruction sheet
  • Recording sheets for all the days they are in Ireland
  • Differentiated price sheets
  • Reflection sheets
  • A complete DIGITAL Google Slides version of the entire math project.

Differentiation Options:

The price sheets are differentiated for students– one sheet uses only $5 and $10 increments where the other uses all dollar amounts. Check out the preview and HAVE FUN!

I have used this as a 3-5 day in-class math project, a take-home project, and in centers. Students love it so much they often beg to take it home to work on it!

What are teachers saying about this St. Patrick’s Day Math Project?

My students loved this more real-world approach to math. I was able to use this in small groups where they excelled at addition and subtraction as an enrichment piece. I will definitely use this again with my kids this upcoming fall. Thank you!” – Erin G.

“This was such a fun way for my students to apply their math skills to a real world experience. They were excited to do this activity and it was challenging enough to keep them thinking, but didn’t cause frustration. Thank you!” – Amber S.

“This was AMAZING! I used this the day before Spring Break, since we are missing St. Patrick’s Day. My students absolutely loved completing this math project and one even said “Now I know what my parents are talking about when they say vacation is expensive!” My students really saw the real world connection. Thank you!” – So On and So 4th


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St. Patrick’s Day Math Project