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Regions of the United States | Math and Literacy



If you're studying regions of the United States of America in upper elementary, you NEED this set of engaging projects. Infuse literacy and math instruction into your social studies content with these two rigorous, engaging, and informative projects.

Tell me about the ‘Regions of the United States' literacy project!

Explore the regions of the united states and synthesize informational text with this engaging literacy project. This resource has been designed to include a wide variety of texts for students to synthesize, research, and gather information. 

Students will embark on the trip of a lifetime as they explore the regions of the United States in a variety of ways. As they examine each set of resources, they will take notes on the different regions and compile them into a final Regions Scrapbook Project. Instead of only focusing on each broad region, students will also have the opportunity to dive deep into major cities and states within the regions to learn more about what makes each region unique.

Tell me about the ‘Regions of the United States' math project!

Take a trip across the USA with this engaging real-world math project. Your students are going to love practicing adding and subtracting whole numbers or decimals while planning a trip all across the United States. It's the perfect math project for the end of the year! Students will plan and ‘visit’ 9 cities across the five regions of the United States with a $2,500 budget. They must carefully spend their money and keep close track of their budget so they don’t go over.

This project comes in TWO versions. One for 3rd and 4th grades, and a second version for 5th grade.

Which two projects are included in this bundle?

  1. Explore America – A Regions of the United States Math Project
  2. Regions of the United States Literacy Project

Both projects include digital and printable versions.

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